Do you find yourself reminiscing about those wonderful summer days during your childhood, when you’d kill time exploring every nook and cranny your backyard could muster up?


Outdoor Design

Do you long for the chance to get lost in a maze of magical twists and turns, taking you deeper and deeper into a secret floral wonderland, cornered by rose-covered-trellis upon rose-covered-trellis?

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Does your heart yearn to find yourself encompassed by nature all around you, as high as your eyes can reach?

Transport yourself back in time to the days of secret gardens, conscious curiosity, and wonderment at every turn, by choosing Segelman Shaw to build and erect your new backyard trellis.

Garden trellises are a gorgeous decorative feature for any garden and provide an easy-to-manage space to grow tall vegetables, train your floral arrangements, or simply create a partition between the different elements of your garden and backyard space as a whole.

Imagine this....

Can you imagine having a veritable vegetable garden right in your own backyard, taking up little space, and providing a bountiful harvest year upon year? You’ll never have to worry about buying tomatoes ever again because, with our sturdy wooden or metal trellises, you can train them to grow however you want! Just weave the stems throughout the trellis holes and watch the fruits of your labour bloom and blossom right before your very eyes.

How about having a wooden bench built-in, your potent floral hideaway the perfect backdrop for an evening of peaceful reading, green tea cradled in your lap whilst you soak in the heady aroma of rose and bergamot?

By adding a trellis from Segelman Shaw, you can transform your garden into a decadent, secluded oasis a world away from all of the hustle and bustle of mundane, everyday life. Because your home should feel like your sanctuary, not another reason to stress.

Better yet: why not stop your next-door neighbour’s pesky pup from making on your backyard, by creating a barrier with a few of our trellises? Imagine how amazing it will feel to outsmart that devious doggo with a makeshift trellis fence from Segelman Shaw: you’ll never have to sidestep those sinister piles ever again! Cover your trellis in vines, flowers and fruit plants for the ultimate in natural padding, and keep that pup out for good!

When you choose Segelman Shaw for your trellis construction, you’re investing in the beautification of your backyard for years to come. We know how proud you are of your backyard already, and we want to highlight that with a stunning, solid, scentful addition that will stand up to all climate conditions life might throw your way. With our trellises, you don’t have to worry about rot, rust, mold or cracks, and you’d have to wait decades to replace each one. So, invest in a lifetime of quality today, with Segelman Shaw trellises.

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