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At Everything Backyards, our continued success rests in the continued satisfaction of our clients

Pergolas, Patios, Patio Covers, Decks & Everything for your Backyard

Everything Backyard is a service offered by Segelman Shaw, your local specialists in exterior landscape contracting.

Here at Everything Backyard, we have established over 20 years of extensive experience in constructing world-class exterior contracting solutions, so you can fall in love with your backyard all over again!

We pride ourselves on providing impeccable exterior landscaping solutions for homeowners in Rockland, Westchester, Northern NJ and Orange County.

Our meticulous scrutiny at every last brick or plank we lay is exactly why we’ve been consistently voted the go-to exterior home improvement contractor since 1998.


Custom Installations

Your vision brought to life. Don’t let anything hold you back - here at Everything Backyard we will work closely with you to turn your dream backyard into a reality!

Some Of Our Services


Everything Backyard pergolas  provide everlasting beauty, elegance and functionality to backyards in the NY and NJ areas. It’s time to transform your home!


Patios & Patio Covers

Is your garden missing a fun, outdoor space where you can spend your evenings reclining in decadent luxury? Or do you yearn for a patio where you can wine and dine friends and loved ones? If so, then we’ve got the tools and the experience to craft the perfect patio space for your home, where you can relax in your own wonderful way.


Whether used as a romantic retreat or for festive feasts, decks are multifunctional outdoor living spaces that add a touch of class to any backyard space.



Through the beauty, quality, and excellence of our solarium sunrooms, you can enjoy your home’s outdoor world free from mosquitoes and other nasty bugs, unpredictable or extreme weather conditions, and harmful UV rays.

Enhance any backyard with any one of our many backyard solutions from Fencing to Sunrooms or decks and patios we have what you need to transform any backyard to a magical backyard vacation spot

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Our Continued Success Rests in the Continued Satisfaction of Our Clients

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