Through the beauty, quality, and excellence of our solarium sunrooms, you can enjoy your home’s outdoor world free from mosquitoes and other nasty bugs, unpredictable or extreme weather conditions, and harmful UV rays.


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Our solarium sunrooms feature all-glass roofs for 360-degree lighting, or a star-filled astronomical display at night.

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Whether you want a cozy cubby to curl up in and read your favorite novel, or you want an inviting space to entertain your guests, a Segelman Shaw sunroom is exactly what your home needs.

When you add a sunroom to your home, you expand your potential living space while also increasing its overall value, meaning if/when you ever decide to sell, you know you’ll be able to ask for more!

Imagine this....

Our sunrooms come in a range of styles that include features such as: a split-level roof that allows for additional sunlight reception; heavy-duty aluminum that provides enhanced strength; and energy-efficient insulated windows to keep your family, friends and loved ones well-protected and warm throughout the whole year.

On the other hand, you might want a sunroom with vaulted ceiling and traditional exterior stonework. Would you rather have a greenhouse-vibe, floor-to-ceiling windows all around, letting in tonnes of sunlight with a stunning 360-degree view? Or does the idea of an all-season space with lattice-trimmed roof panels and stylish modern architecture sing to your spirit?

Browse through our expansive selection of sunroom designs today, for inspiration in your journey to finding the perfect pre-designed sunroom for your backyard.

Alternatively, if you want to add a sunroom to your home but you’re not feeling the vibe of anything pre-designed and want to create something entirely unique to your tastes, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

We offer custom sunrooms made to measure your designs. When you choose to build a custom sunroom with us, we’ll work with you through each step of the design and construction process, taking your ideas and turning them into fully-fledged backyard realities.

What can I get with my ‘Custom’ sunroom?

  • Custom ceiling heights reaching over 12ft
  • Multi-level sunroom options
  • Custom moldings for an elegant touch
  • Custom windows to any length or width
  • And much more…

No matter how you choose to design your sunroom, you can rest assured knowing that it has all of the durability and protection that our pre-designed sunrooms are praised for.

All of our sunrooms stand up to any damage that Mother Nature might throw their way, including cracks, scratches and even dents, minor AND major.

To learn more about our collection of pre-designed or custom sunrooms, contact Everything Backyard today. Our friendly and helpful customer representatives will be able to answer any questions you might have, and give you an idea of which style will be best suited for your budget and home.

We can’t wait to work with you and get started on turning your fantasies into your personal backyard oasis!


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