Does the crack of thunder send shivers down your spine? Do you wince at every tree branch that scratches at your window in a heavy storm? Are your nightmares filled with Oz-esque houses being tumbled around in a tornado, blasted away, utterly unshielded from the winds?


Outdoor Structures

Your house is your home – the place where you raise your children and make beautiful memories for years to come – and you don’t want to lose all of your precious things to something as trivial as a lack of protection against the elements.

Get peace of mind by choosing Segelman Shaw to take care of your siding today!

See, we know how biting the winters can get here, and we also know that it can cost a small fortune to get windows that keep the heat in for good, all year round.

That’s why we offer siding that protects against exposure, prevents significant heat loss, and secures your home against whatever Mother Nature might throw your way.

So, you can rest assured that, even through the toughest weather your home will be protected from all corners. Don’t worry – you won’t be flung off to the land of Oz anytime soon with your house covered in our siding!

Giving your house a much-needed update to your siding is one sure-fire way to give your home a curb-appeal makeover. Both natural and artificial siding are lightweight, and the installation process is simple, straightforward and surprisingly quick.

Imagine this....

However, don’t let the speed at which we secure your house with it fool you: siding is one of the most essential elements to any home, and to purchase from Segelman Shaw is to invest in the lifelong warmth and protection of you and your family.

We currently offer siding installation and siding replacement in plenty of sizes, colors, textures and styles to suit you and your home.

Siding is like botox – it gives your home a bit of a facelift and provides a fresh, unified look and provides maintenance-free protection for decades to come, leaving your neighbours seething with envy.

Give your home the injection in needs – a boost of liveliness and comfort built by our certified exterior experts with over 20 years of experience installing high-quality siding on thousands of satisfied client’s homes.

What can you expect with our durable siding?

  • Long-lasting performance from materials that won’t dent, peel, rot, or rust.
  • Maintenance-free protection all year long.
  • Added insulation for ultimate prevention against heat loss.
  • Design flexibility and control over the process
  • A beautiful, well-protected home

So, if you’re thinking about giving your outdated siding a much-needed, much-procrastinated update, then you’ve got to go with Segelman Shaw. When your home is protected with our siding, you can rest easy again, and get back those precious hours lost to worry at every gust of wind.

Give us a call to learn more about our siding installation and why damp-proofing your home with Segelman Shaw will transform your life in ways beyond your wildest imaginations.


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