For the uninitiated amongst us, the garden shed might not seem like much at all: just four wooden walls, a roof and a base to store your seldom-used junk in, right?


Backyard Structures

On the contrary – the backyard shed is truly a remarkable structure. Your shed can be your home away from home, in which to contemplate, wrestle with, and manoeuvre life’s ample challenges.

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It’s an outdoor hub in which to get stuck into your work, kick back and rest, or while away the hours playing snooker or whatever indoor hobby you’re passionate about.

So, what do you want the extra space for? Because, with our range of small, medium and large sheds, you will get ample sheltered space right in your own backyard!

Maybe you have just taken up drumming, but your wife is already sick of the constant thrashing so loud the windows vibrate. Well, we have got the shed for you: simply pick your style and finish, do it up with soundproof cladding, lay some carpet and bang away with those drumsticks in muffled peace.

Imagine this....

Or, are you a pro dancer looking for a cheap to run, easy to get to, and completely private studio in which to practice? All of our sheds come with the option to incorporate full lighting, full interior design, and full electrical wiring to power your hobbies well into the night. So, you can get on with doing what you love in a space that you can call your own.

With a shed from Segelman Shaw, the sky is truly the limit! Versatile, stunningly handcrafted by our specialists with over 20 years of shed-crafting experience, and custom-designed to suit your needs, our sheds are the perfect addition to any homeowner’s backyard space.

If your home life is hectic and you need to meet with clients or get stuck into work in peace, then our range of modern and traditional sheds can offer you a beautiful, private space in which get on with your business away from your nagging children and pestering pups.

Stuck for space but still need a break from the noise and bustle inside your home? Why not choose from our range of Tiny sheds? These sheds are small enough to squeeze into a corner of your backyard, but still large enough for a comfortable, well-equipped workspace with ample storage!

Or, are you on the hunt for a functional, custom-designed party hub for your kids? Fortunately for you, here at Segelman Shaw, we don’t just produce carbon copy sheds and backyard features: we work closely with each client from rough initial ideas, through the design process, all the way to the finish, building the space that you need for life.

All of our sheds are built with longevity, functionality and aesthetic in mind. So, you can rest easy knowing your shed will be decked out for all of your storage and usage needs.

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