Pool House

Imagine extending your home, adding another dimension, and creating a space where you and your loved ones can relax, keep fit, entertain, and show off the fact that you have made it to the big leagues.

Pool House
Pool House

Summer Lifestyle

Well, with Segelman Shaw, be it indoor or outdoor, a private pool house will do exactly that.

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Just think of all that glorious social cachet you will get when you cut the welcome ribbon and open the doors to your brand spanking new pool house!

Your beautiful pool enclosure will be fully equipped with custom pool, stunning interior design and underfloor heating to keep you warm fresh out of the pool even in the depths of winter!

Dedicated to building the perfect pool house for you and your family, Segelman Shaw’s experienced craftsmen will endeavor to manage the entire installation process from primary design drafts through completion and beyond.

Summer Life...

We’ll be there every step of the way to ensure your custom pool house aligns with your personal visions, taking into account all of your design desires and any optional features you might want to incorporate.

Because, let’s face it: you’ll be spending a hell of a lot of time here and you want it to feel like part of your home, not just some one-size-fits-all add on slapped on the side.

And when we say custom, we mean ‘custom’:

Fancy having warm floor lights surrounding the edge of the pool for a classy glow? Done!

How does full control over the water temperature, with additional heating to transform your pool into a veritable hot tub whenever you want sound? You’ve got it!

No more having to step out into the freezing open air just for a quick dip in your bitterly cold outdoor pool: with an indoor pool house, you can seamlessly move between your home and your pool without ever having to go outside.

Not only that but, with our experts in creating extensions and exterior additions, we can offer you the harmony of blending a stunningly-designed pool house with the rest of your home.

In other words: we will work to match the exterior of both your home and your pool house to create one complete, unified and beautiful space fit to build a lifetime of magical memories in.

Concerned about the environmental and maintenance costs? There’s no need: with all Segelman Shaw pool houses, you get reduced energy consumption, increased thermal efficiency, and durable, long-lasting materials and finishing options to keep your pool protected come hell or high water.

Oh, and don’t worry: we’ve got plenty of well-being design elements to choose from for that added touch of high-class luxury, including the option to turn any extra space into a sauna, relaxation area, private steam room or spa.

With Segelman Shaw pool houses, you can live the high life right inside your own home.

So, give us a call to learn more about our pool houses and why having one added to your home will transform your life in ways beyond your wildest imaginations.

Pool House
Pool House
Pool House
Pool House

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