Outdoor Kitchens

If you have ever had a barbeque or a backyard dinner party, then you will know how much of a chore the loveliness can turn into: hauling tray upon tray of hot food and endless supplies out from the kitchen, going back and forth every time you forget something you need right then and there, and so on.

Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Kitchens

Food, Laughter, Fun!

So, why not take the kitchen outdoors, and choose Segelman Shaw to build your custom outdoor kitchen right in your own backyard?

Give us a call to learn more about our kitchens and why having one added to your home will transform your life in ways beyond your wildest imaginations.

We offer a range of outdoor kitchen features to create your ideal outdoor cooking space, including custom pizza ovens for that authentic Italian touch, cozy patio furniture to seat a crowd, and affordable, maintenance-free counters to prepare your delicious meals on.

With an outdoor kitchen built from scratch by Segelman Shaw, you get long-lasting, weather-proof kitchen that will give you a lifetime of decadent dining memories.

No more hiding yourself away in the kitchen, separated from the cheerful chatter and hijinks:

Gather your friends and family, take a step into your backyard and rustle up a veritable feast from the very heart of the party.

You’ll have everything you need to hand, without ever having to take a single step back indoors!

Ready for summer?

Not only that, but by cooking outdoors, you give your guests a taste of what’s to come: so get their taste buds tingling, leave them salivating at every sizzle, and turn your backyard space into a backyard cookout fit for kings!

Not sure what style you are drawn to most? Don’t even worry about it: we’ve got a variety of kitchen styles to choose from, from rustic and traditional with wooden or bronze finishings, to the sleek, modern style with sharp edges and dark, bold lines.

You name it, and we will build it.

Whether you want an expansive, opulent dining space fit to host decadent feasts for dozens of guests, or if you are looking for a cozy outdoor cooking space just for you and your family, we have it all.

We will be with you throughout every step of the journey, taking your ideas and turning them into a fully-fledged outdoor cooking space for you to fail and improve countless recipes on for decades to come. Indecisive and unsure of where you want to keep your outdoor cooking space? Look no further than our range of freestanding outdoor kitchen units, built on wheels for easy maneuvering.

These are perfect for ad-hoc dining experiences, allowing you to move them to wherever you need them to, with minimal effort. Handcrafted with a range of hard-wearing, weather-proof, waterproof and rust-proof materials including marble, oak, copper and steel,  our outdoor kitchen units are fit for all seasons and can be used throughout the year.

To take full advantage of your outdoor, backyard space, give us a call to learn more about our outdoor kitchens and why having one added to your home will transform your life in ways beyond your wildest imaginations.

Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Kitchens

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