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As parents, you must know already how hard it is nowadays to get your child to tear themselves away from their electronics and play outside. Hell, it’s practically impossible some days.

Things for Kids
Things for Kids


Are you exhausted of running around after your rambunctious little ones, having to grab them before they knock over yet another antique plant pot or expensive vintage lamp?

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Don’t worry: we have just the thing to keep your kids occupied and entertained for hours, far away from your costly decorations so that you can get some much-needed peace and quiet.

Read on to explore our range of kid-suitable play structures…

Swing Sets...

Swing sets are awesome backyard structures to add to any home, because you can build them up and alter them as your child grows into toddlerhood, through childhood and teenagedom.

Choose from our range of basic, mid-range and large swing sets, with features such as a basic pair of swings, an added climbing frame, monkey bars, and a swinging bridge for an exciting game of balance!

With tonnes of designs to choose from, and a host of challenging activities for your kids to while away the hours with, our swing sets offer the chance to create a lifetime of happy memories, and leave your children with a fun reminder of their youth once they’ve grown up and moved away.

Imagine being able to give your children a world of vibrant imagination and hours of fun and games, right in the comfort of your own backyard.

No more mad hustle to get everyone strapped up inside the car to go to the local park; no more rushing around trying to find those extra few hours to set aside to spend with them, making sure they’re ok…

Now, with a swing set from Segelman Shaw, you can leave your kids to their hijinks in the safety of your backyard, just a few metres away, while you get on with your day undisturbed.

Watch over them from a distance and keep them busy with the ample activities that a swing set can offer.

Concerned about how much space your swing set might take up? Don’t be! You can choose from our pre-made designs, with smaller options for smaller backyard spaces.

Alternatively, you can opt to design your own swing set with our Custom swing set packages, fully customisable with your unique backyard in mind.

One of the added benefits of our DIY swing sets is that you can fully customize it with the structures and activities your energetic youngsters love the most: heavy-duty, sturdy climbing frames to build their muscles and challenge their brain; swinging seesaws for balance and core training; and even tire swings for group fun!

And, if you ever get jealous of all the fun your kids are having, then worry not: our swing sets are suitable for all ages, so you don’t have to be a kid to reap the benefits.

With baby and adult swings, we have something for the whole family. Now you can jump on, take a ride and taste the fun too!

Give us a call to learn more about our swing sets and why having one added to your home will transform your life in ways beyond your wildest imaginations.

Things for Kids
Things for Kids
Things for Kids

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