Hot Tub

What picture, pray to tell, springs to mind when you think of the word?

Hot Tub
Hot Tub

Ultimate Relaxation

Do you envision evenings filled with Don Perignon, designer labels, and fine dining into the early morn?

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Does luxury speak to a deeper part of your soul, conjuring up dreams of global travels, soaking in the different cultures of the world?

Or, does your brain immediately leap to visions of evenings spent submerged in a warm, bubbling hot-tub, a flute of some $500 champagne in hand, surrounded by your closest pals, wiling away the hours passing tales of lovers and hijinks alike?

Here at Segelman Shaw, we believe that everyone should have a chance to taste the luxurious life, and there’s no better way to pamper yourself than to invest in one of our revolutionary hot tubs and spas.

Think of it this way...

Remember all those costly trips to the local spa just for a soak in their overused, under-cleaned and seldom-maintained hot tubs? Gone! No more having to fork out a fortune for something you can keep in your own backyard, for free, for years to come!

Does each weekend fill you with dread, the thought of scrambling for a babysitter just to spend a night with your pals too daunting to consider? Well, say ‘Hello’ to effortless exterior entertainment: with a hot tub from Segelman Shaw, you’ll always have a stylish place to hang out, and no need for a costly babysitter, cause you’ll be just a moment away from your kids at all times!

Because we believe that no parent should have to sacrifice their personal life for the sake of protecting their children.

Partying in style and parenting like a boss shouldn’t have to be mutually exclusive: you can still keep your loved ones safe while kicking back and taking the load off in bubbling luxury.

So, ease those aching muscles in, grab a glass of your favourite liquor, and take a dip into our expansive range of durable, classy, and stunningly-designed hot tubs built with longevity in mind.

Whether you want to reconnect with old friends, spend a romantic evening with your partner cuddling up under the jetstream, or if you just want to have a splash with your kids on a hot summer day, we’ve got the hot tub for you.

Give your mind, body and soul the gift of complete soothing,

Let your stresses melt away with beneath the water, and transform your backyard into your very own home spa.

With Segelman Shaw, you get what you pay for: a lifetime of high-quality craftsmanship and priceless memories of fun in the sun.

Because our continued success lies in the continued satisfaction of our world-class clients.

Give us a call to learn more about our hot tubs and why having one added to your home will transform your life in ways beyond your wildest imaginations.

Hot Tub
Hot Tub
Hot Tub
Hot Tub

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