Segelman Shaw’s gazebo installation service provides a romantic, elegant cover with durable materials, stunning design and a timeless staple in your own backyard.


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Whether you want to keep the space around your hot tub enclosed, intimate and hidden from your nosy neighbours, or you’d like a well-ventilated, open shelter for your outdoor welding in the rain, Segelman Shaw has the gazebo for you.

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Can you imagine never having to panic at the first drop of drizzle, or rush to shove your tools back inside your garage at the slight sound of thunder? With one of our gazebos, you can work in peace, no matter God-awful weather good-old Mother Nature might throw at you.

Say goodbye to angrily rushing indoors, drenched to the core, unable to finish your latest project, and say ‘Hello’ to care-free relaxing, chatting, wining, dining and working!

Did we mention that all of our gazebos come with the option to add curtains, sashes or screens that block up to 99% of all harmful UV rays? Yeah. Not really sure how we forgot that either, to be honest.

With a Segelman Shaw gazebo, you’ll finally be able to enjoy the outdoors all year-round.

Heavy downpour? Who cares? You're covered!

Blustering winds? Forget about it – your gazebo won’t be blowing off into the sunset any time soon, because, with every gazebo, we include four weighted sandbags, completely free. No more scrabbling around looking for anything and everything to keep your gazebo in place. With our gazebos, you’ll be tied down for good!

If you’re not roped in yet, remember how it feels every time you have to sit around and wait for a good weather day to just magically happen. Remember how it feels to sit at the window, pleading with the sky to give you even just one day of sunshine.

Now picture heading out into the storm with a giant grin, because you know your backyard space is well-covered, well-protected, and a little downpour never hurt anyone.

That is what a Segelman Shaw gazebo can offer you: complete peace of mind, come rain or shine.

So, when you’re searching for a secure, enclosed, breathable and easy-to-maintain gazebo for your backyard, look no further than Segelman Shaw.

Homeowners from New Jersey to Rockland County, New York have relied on our expansive range of backyard products for over 20 years due to our extensive and superior craftsmanship and attention to detail.

You owe it to yourself to transform to revitalise your backyard space and turn into the envy of the street, with a gorgeous Gazebo from Segelman Shaw.

Give us a call to learn more about our range of gazebos and why having one added to your home will transform your life in ways beyond your wildest imaginations.


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