Give yourself a backyard space you can relax and unwind in, filled with halcyon symphonies of natural streams.


Outdoor Pleasures

With a fountain from Segelman Shaw, you can spend your mornings waking up in still, irenic calm.

Give us a call to learn more about our fountains and why having one installed in your backyard will transform your life in ways beyond your wildest imaginations.

Our fountains will also give your backyard a resplendent water feature that will be the envy of your neighbourhood, give you ample fuel for fascinating conversation, and leave you with a stunning backyard for decades to come.

Imagine this....

You’re sitting in your backyard, illuminated by the glow of your outdoor lighting, gently sipping away at your morning coffee, legs crossed in a meditative pose.

It’s still early enough the sky hasn’t awoken from its twilight slumber. You set your mug aside and take in a deep, controlled breath. You try to focus in on the birdsong, but there’s just too many sounds to hone in on: down the road, a car horn beeps;

The guy across the street burrs away on his sitting lawnmower;

And somewhere behind you, the sounds of your home waking up snaps you out of your moment of calm.

Suddenly, your mind darts from thought to thought, erratic.

You wonder if you’ll be able to finish your to-do list before sundown, or if your daughter’s doing okay during her first semester at college, or if you remembered to take the trash out last night.

Minutes pass, and you still haven’t been able to relax your mind, the nagging sounds of early morning life, distracting you at every turn.

Frustrated, you take another sip of your coffee and try again.

With your eyes closed once more, you’re able to concentrate, finally.

Somewhere to your left, a switch clicks, and you notice a faint glow through closed eyes. One whoosh of gurgling water, and.

..Eureka! Suddenly, you remember the brand-spanking addition you made to your backyard, and you glance over at it, fondness oozing from your eyes:

Your proud, elegant water fountain has sprung into action and begins to fill with a gentle, sloshing stream slowly. As the waterfall begins to spill over onto the lower levels, you smile. You’re transported back to your first holiday with your spouse: a secluded getaway deep in the Alaskan wilderness. Memories of days spent curled in each other’s arms, far removed from everyone and everything adding to the hustle and bustle of city life, crawl out of the recesses of your mind.

The stream out of the back of the cabin you stayed in cracks and splashes across rocks, spilling into your cognition, filling you up with an all-encompassing state of calm that you’ve never experienced before.

Nothing could be more peaceful.


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