Our privacy fencing is an ideal way to bring some seclusion to your backyard space, transforming it into a private, personal hideaway where you can relax in peace.



Invest in Segelman Shaw’s durable, solid and tall privacy fencing to cut off watchful neighbours and keep yourself protected from potential intruders.

Give us a call to learn more about our fences and why having one added to your home will transform your life in ways beyond your wildest imaginations.

Are you sick of your nosy next-door neighbours eagerly peering over your hedges?

Does your blood boil at the thought of having to chase their pesky pup off before they have a chance to make it on your flowerbeds?

Do you yearn for a private backyard space in which you can kick back in your boxers and bathrobe, utterly undisturbed by prying eyes?

We have a range of wood styles, fence heights and finishes to choose from, so no matter your aesthetic, we have the perfect fencing to ward off envious eavesdroppers outside, and keep you and your loved ones protected within.

Is your home modern and quirky? We have a plethora of modern fencing designs to choose from, with sharp lines, unique finishes, and a host of modern wood styles to compliment your striking home.

Imagine this....

How about something more simple yet traditional to go with your country home? Let us know and we’ll handcraft the perfect rustic fencing to surround your home, brimming with character to give the impression of a lifetime of use and love.

Or, do you fancy adding some nature to your fencing, enhancing your privacy tenfold with a barrier of bountiful wisteria filling in the gaps in a trellis fence? Give your backyard that ‘Secret Garden’ vibe with our range of trellises fences in a variety of finishes, and transform your space into a vibrant wilderness teeming with a kaleidoscope of flowers and wildlife.

If you’re looking for fencing that’s just a little bit different and adds tremendous value to your home, then choose Segelman Shaw for your fencing needs.

We even have stone wall fencing, which adds character and provides the ultimate solution in long-lasting home security. And you’ll never have to worry about replacing it!

All of our fences come with a waterproof, rust-proof, damp-proof and weather-resistant finish. So, you can rest assured knowing your fencing will keep your home protected for years – even decades – to come.

At Segelman Shaw, we believe that every homeowner should feel safe, secure and relaxed in the comfort of their own home, which is why we have styles to suit all home designs, features and aesthetics.

There’s really no place like home, with fencing from Segelman Shaw!

Give us a call to learn more about our range of privacy or standard fencing and why having either added to your home will transform your life in ways beyond your wildest imaginations.


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