Do you dream of kicking back and relaxing in a tropical paradise, surrounded by a natural, vibrant hideaway, right in your own backyard?


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Rather than having to choose between your glowing tan and the rain-proof shelter of your living room, you can meet yourself in the middle by basking in the bliss of an elaborate, elegant cabana, expertly installed by your local exterior specialists, Segelman Shaw.

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Designed from top to bottom with your comfort and style in mind, your new cabana can offer you a tranquil retreat for your morning meditation, a hub for entertaining your friends and loved ones, or a cosy cubby you can fill with ample furnishings to curl up in during the winter months.

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Are you aching for a little poolside shelter from summer’s beating rays, vine-covered walls transporting you to a Mediterranean oasis? Your new cabana can be an extension of both your home and you, entirely customised to your specifications and desires. We know you’ll be hosting poolside barbeque’s this summer, and the Segelman Shaw cabana is the perfect party-spot in which to do so.

Invite your friends and family, stir up a feast, and throw on a killer soundtrack, because your backyard is about to get a whole lot more popping!

 Our specialist exterior contractors can also offer you 100% control over the design and construction of your cabana, throughout each and every step of the construction process. So, sit back, relax, and watch our skilled builders build your fantasy cabana right before your very eyes.

Do you want your summer to be the talk of the town, and to gain some all-important social cachet? Then set up a temporary cabana in your backyard and spend your warm evenings curled up with a book, resting your feet away from the scorching sun. 

Better yet, why not transform your backyard into a fiesta for all to enjoy, decked to the nines with shimmering candle lights, vines of roses woven throughout the lattices, and a plethora of beanbags for your revellers to collapse into at the end of the wild night. 

If you’re concerned about all the amenities or indoor features you could be missing out on in such an exterior structure, then fear not: we can add a range of lighting, sound, warmth and entertainment features to really pump up your cabana and turn it into your special party hub for all of your summer shenanigans. In whatever way you crave, no matter how you want your backyard space to look, we will adapt your cabana based on the specific ways that you choose to use it.

Give us a call to learn more about our cabanas and why having one added to your home will transform your life in ways beyond your wildest imaginations.



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