Awnings and door canopies are a fantastic way to enhance your backyard, adding style, sophistication, and sun protection all in one stretch!


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Segelman Shaw awnings provide doorstep sun protection without the hassle of having to apply tons of sunscreen every time you step into your backyard. So you can spend your mornings drinking your coffee on your backstep in covered comfort.

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Alternatively, if you yearn for complete control of your shading, with the ability to switch between complete protection from the mid-day sun and full exposure with ease, in this case, you won’t want to miss out on our range of retractable awnings.

Retractable awnings allow you to relax and enjoy your backyard in shaded comfort during the scorching summer months. What’s even greater about Segalman Shaw retracting awnings is that they can be pulled back whenever you don’t need them.

Are you looking to turn your summer patio into an all-year backyard hangout? Well, we have the awning for that! UV resistant, weatherproof and elegant in design, our retractable awnings are the perfect protective addition to any outdoor space.

Here at Segalman Shaw, we have ample awning designs to choose from.

Imagine this...

If you take pleasure in the simple act of hand-opening your awning, then we recommend our range of manual retractable awnings. However, if you’re a fan of your home doing the work for you, then we can offer a motorised retractable awning, sure to add some vibrant character to any backyard step or porch.

If you prefer to have your awning open all year round, then we suggest opting for one of our standard fade-, mold-, and mildew-resistant awnings, perfect for keeping your backyard protected 365 days a year.

Say goodbye to crusty, dead grass, and sore, sunburnt skin! The solution is right in your backyard, with Segelman Shaw, your backyard and exterior specialists. We have over 20 years of experience in erecting high-quality, long-lasting awnings that will protect you and your, loved ones from harmful UV rays for decades to come.

With Segelman Shaw awnings, you get privacy, protection and pazzazz all in one stylish package.

Unsheathe your sun-shaded destiny today!

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